Yet Another Mass Shooting ๐Ÿ˜”

Neal Waters / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Neal Waters / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Open fire on the Gilroy Garlic Festival 

On Sunday evening, nineteen-year-old Santino Legan open fired on families attending the Gilroy Garlic Festival in northern California. Legan obtained his firearm (an AK-47) through legal means in Nevada, then transported the weapon a state over. Within a minute of the first firing, officers at the food festival shot and killed Legan

The deadly aftermath

Leganโ€™s gunfire resulted in three fatalitiesโ€”a six-year-old boy, a thirteen-year-old girl, and a man in his mid 20โ€™sโ€”along with twelve injuries. Legan reportedly referenced a neo-Nazi manifesto on Instagram before the shooting occured.


New York Post: Nevada gun store that sold rifle to Garlic Festival killer: โ€˜Rot in hellโ€™

Breitbart: Report: Garlic Festival Gunman Acquired Rifle โ€˜Legallyโ€™

The right often highlights the heroism of the law enforcement who responded quickly. Articles also make the case that shooters like Legan will find ways to commit these tragic acts regardless of added gun control restriction, and they emphasize the innocence of the salesmen who unknowingly provided Legan his weapon.


Washington Post: Another day, another mass shooting. When will they end?

The Los Angeles Times: Editorial: Gilroy Garlic Festival killings are part of a sick American tradition

The left stresses the sheer number of mass shootings over recent years, and they question the lack of legislative change to keep incidents like this from repeatedly happening. These articles argue that the need for military-level guns, like the one Legan legally purchased, is inexcusable.

Where's the common ground?

While this tragic event brings the right and left back to a familiar argument on whether current gun regulation is sufficient, both sides recognize, and mourn wholeheartedly, the lost lives in the Gilroy shooting.

One thing's for sure:



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