Will "Impeachment" Help Trump? 🤷

Eric Thayer / The New York Times / Redux

Eric Thayer / The New York Times / Redux

Pelosi pushes back

Tensions heightened on Tuesday surrounding the Democratic party’s pursuit of Trump’s impeachment. In a recent leadership council meeting, Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), among others, implored House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to start the impeachment process. Pelosi, backed by her allies, refused the request.

Dems are divided

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has been one of the many Dems speaking out against Pelosi, stating that Bill Clinton faced impeachment “over sex” while Trump is getting away with “raping the country.” Although the tide of pro-impeachment party members is rising, many in the House still feel an impeachment inquiry is too big a risk, as the President’s potential acquittal could bolster his overall support.


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The right uses the Dems current turmoil as a sign of weakness going into the 2020 election. They often frame the party’s disagreement over moving forward with impeachment as an entertaining squabble. Articles also refer to Pelosi’s reasoning for not impeaching the President as proof that the President was never actually in the wrong.


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The left frames the increasing Democratic support for impeachment as overwhelmingly positive, even as a sign that the party may be patching up its divide. Many articles highlight Pelosi’s points as valid and rational, but in the end side with the more progressive or socialist-leaning Reps.

Where’s the common ground?

Whether Dems decide to proceed with impeaching Trump or stick it out until the 2020 election, everyone can agree it is important for the party to keep up a stable and united front.

Impeach vs Don't Impeach



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