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DNC chair bars Fox News from hosting Democratic Primary debates

In a statement yesterday, DNC chair Tom Perez said Fox News “is not in a position to host a fair and neutral debate for our candidates.” Perez cited a recent article that details the ties between Fox News and the president, calling the relationship “inappropriate.”

Trump chimed in with a threat

The president responded with a tweet threatening to boycott debates in the general election hosted by “Fake News Networks.” Trump boycotted a debate in the 2016 Republican Primary; it would be unprecedented if he were to refuse to participate in some or all of the general debates.


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The left sees the DNC’s decision as justified. Articles from the left focus on connections between the president and Fox: Fox allegedly killed stories that were unfavorable to Trump, hosts regularly advise Trump on policy, and some former Fox employees now work in the White House.


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The right sees the DNC’s decision - to give debates to Fox’s competitors, but not to Fox - as further proof that the Dems and the “mainstream media” are working together against Republicans. Articles from the right argue that Fox’s news and opinion shows are wholly separate and that Fox’s journalists could be impartial arbiters of a Democratic debate.

Should Fox News host a Democratic debate?

The idea seems kind of crazy given Fox’s political leanings – but Fox did host a town hall during the 2016 Democratic Primary and was in talks with the DNC about potentially hosting a 2020 primary debate. But, as a recent New Yorker article reports, Fox’s relationship with the Trump administration is remarkably cozy; the clearest evidence might be Fox News host Sean Hannity’s speech at a Trump rally last November. The Dems are probably right to be cautious about bringing their messages to a platform that is so unabashedly for their opposition.

The real debate:



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