BUILD(!) THE(!) WALL?! 🏗️

Evan Vucci / AP

Evan Vucci / AP

The elusive wall

President Trump has promised a border wall since the beginning of his presidential bid. Since then, Trump changed his definition and terms for a wall. His most recent proposal for a wall consisting of steel slats instead of concrete. A couple of weeks ago, Trump asked for $5 billion for a wall - the Democrats said "nah" and a government shutdown ensued.

Government still closed

The government shutdown occurred on December 20, 2018 and has not reopened since. It doesn't look like the government will reopen anytime soon as Trump and the Democrats cannot strike a deal. Will a longer shutdown help the case for a border wall or will Trump’s wall fail?


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Those that believe the shutdown helps the wall refer to Trump’s resoluteness in fulfilling his campaign promises. They believe the wall is a step in the right direction towards securing the US border. Both articles also cite bigger implications to a successful wall (e.g. restricting not only people but also drugs and providing “economic security”).


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USA Today: Trump turned the border wall into his Alamo. That didn't end well and this won't either.

Those who believe the shutdown hurts the wall claim that his doggedness will backfire on his reputation if he fails. They also reference the fact that when Republicans controlled Congress, they did not want to make a deal for the wall, showing that many of Trump’s political “allies” do not support the wall as much as Trump.

Will the shutdown lead to wall funding?

Trump’s in a tough place. Getting the Democrats (who now control the House) to fund his wall will be nearly impossible - especially after he couldn't get a wall when his own party controlled the House. Some sources think that a failed wall will spell the end of Trump's presidency. This analysis may prove extreme, but watch for a deal giving Trump something he can label a success despite receiving a short stick.

Democrats are saying



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