US Soccer Federation Claims Women Were Paid More Than Men ⚽

Craig Ruttle / AP

Craig Ruttle / AP

Moving the goalposts

On Monday, the US Soccer Federation made the claim that the women’s team was paid more than the men’s team over the past decade based on financial audits. This statement has been met with hesitation from both sides due to the complex pay structures of the two teams. 

Bringing in the money

As stated in the findings, pay structures for the two national teams differ due to separate union agreements. The women's team negotiated a deal with a guaranteed annual salary of $167,500-$172,500 for playing both on the national team and in the National Women's Soccer League. On the other hand, the men’s side is paid per game and receives no compensation from the federation for club play.


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Articles that claim women make more point out that the women’s team receives benefits that the men’s team does not, such as a guaranteed salary and health care. Many of these sources reiterate Federation President Carlos Cordeiro’s claim that any disparity in tournament payout is attributed to FIFA, not US Soccer.


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Daily Mail: US men's soccer team voices support for World Cup-winning women in their fight for equal pay and REJECTS American federation's claim that their female counterparts are actually paid more while generating less revenue

Articles that indicate men still make more focus on the solidarity between the men’s and women’s teams. Many emphasize the men’s first-hand acknowledgment that they receive higher payment in comparison to the women. These publications highlight the difficulty in comparing the two pay structures.

Where's the common ground?

Throughout this legal battle, both sides have sought to ensure fair and equitable compensation for the athletes' performances. Many advocate for a restructuring of the payment system so tracking is easier and equal pay is ensured.

Because everyone should be equally paid for being able to do this:



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