US Sends Aircraft Carrier to Middle East as “Message to Iran” ⚓

Gabriel R. Piper / Navy / Getty Images

Gabriel R. Piper / Navy / Getty Images

Aircraft carrier as warning

In an effort to send a “clear and unmistakable message to Iran,” the US has deployed an aircraft carrier in the Middle East. The USS Abraham Lincoln Strike Group and a bomber task force will be sent there to discourage any actions by Iran’s military.

What caused this?

According to National Security Adviser John Bolton, the deployment comes after a “number of troubling and escalatory indications” of Iranian attack on US forces. Bolton states that the US will meet Iran with “unrelenting force” if it attacks the interests of the US or its allies.


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The right 
is focusing on the role of Iran in Gaza. Right-leaning news outlets will use Israeli
officials as sources to suggest Iran poses a grave danger to the US and its allies. The articles will use these sources to reveal that Iran has bolstered terror groups in the Middle East, implying this justifies the deployment of the carrier. These articles tend to concentrate on the threat Iran poses and how the US responded to the threat with the carrier.


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Al Jazeera: Pentagon: US carrier sent to Middle East on credible Iran threat

The left is focusing on the tensions between the US and Iran. Left-leaning news outlets will often aim to cover Iran’s perspective by using Iranian government officials as sources. Some left-leaning articles may sympathize with Iran by providing mostly Iranian sources. These articles tend to concentrate more on the carrier itself and how it represents US policies on Iran instead of the possible threat Iran poses on the US.

Where's the common ground?

As a major issue to both sides, left and right-leaning news outlets generally agree that the US’s decision to deploy the carrier was to warn Iran. Both sides focus on the fact that the deployment was ordered as a result of tense US relations with Iran.

Meanwhile, in Canada



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