US Releases Report on Rohingya Crisis 📝

Mohammad Ponir Hossain / Reuters

Mohammad Ponir Hossain / Reuters

Taking a closer look

The US State Department released a report on its probe of Myanmar’s military for atrocities against Rohingya Muslims. The investigation affirmed that military operations were intentionally “terrorizing...and driving out the Rohingya residents.” The report interviewed over a thousand refugees and revealed village burnings, sexual assaults, and mass murders.

A decades-long crisis

Rohingya Muslims have long been fleeing Myanmar due to ethnic cleansing. Myanmar, a Buddhist-majority nation, has refused to recognize the Rohingya minority, rendering them stateless. Myanmar’s senior officials have denied the crisis to be ethnic cleansing, justifying that these actions are to combat terrorism from Rohingya militants.


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Those who denounce the report condemn the fact that it doesn’t characterize the crisis as a 'genocide'. They note that labeling it a genocide would still require further interpretation of international law and no immediate action from the US. Furthermore, they question the Trump administration’s hesitation given that they labeled ISIS’s attacks on Christians as genocide.


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Those who commend US action applaud the administration for taking initiative on global human rights. They highlight that the administration doubled aid to the Rohingya and use it as evidence of their commitment to international diplomacy. Articles from this side also emphasize that the US findings are in line with those from an earlier UN report.

Is it a genocide?

According to the UN’s definition of genocide, the Rohingya crisis certainly fits. Canada is the most recent nation to acknowledge the crisis as a genocide. International pressure is now mounting on the US to follow suit. While the US has been proactive with the investigation and humanitarian aid, it should utilize the report to draft steps towards accountability and justice.

Rohingya: A global tragedy



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