U.S. Cyber Strike Against Iran 💻

Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post / Getty Images

Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post / Getty Images

Iran shoots down U.S. drone

Last Thursday night, President Trump called off a U.S. military strike on three different Iranian sites. He explained on Twitter that the military strike would have been “not proportional to the downing of an unmanned drone”.


Yahoo News reported Saturday that the U.S. Cyber Command launched a digital strike on Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps that same Thursday night. While the Pentagon did not comment on the strike, the U.S. official interviewed in the report confirmed that it was the retaliatory strike for Iran’s recent actions in the Gulf.


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The right believes that Trump made a difficult choice in calling off the airstrike on Iran. They agree that the cyberattack was a more appropriate response since it keeps pressure on Iran. These articles point out that launching the cyber strike also sends Iran a clear message of U.S. resolve since destructive cyber attacks are usually one and done events.


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The left believes that Trump mishandled the recent events regarding Iran. They predict that Trump’s actions have “intensified global doubt” on his judgement and the U.S.’s power. They worry that Trump has put the U.S. in a dangerous position since his response to several events last week has reinforced his image as “Twitter tiger whose threats cannot be taken seriously”.

Where's the common ground?

Both sides acknowledge that the U.S. and Iran are in a period of heightened tensions. They agree the president had a difficult decision to make about the U.S. response to the downing of the American drone by Iranians, however any overly aggressive U.S. response could cause the situation in the Middle East to spiral out of control.

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