Trump Insider Spills the Beans 🤷

Office of the President of the United States / Wikimedia Commons

Office of the President of the United States / Wikimedia Commons

Op-ed from a White House "Senior Official"

The NY Times published a letter from an unnamed Trump official that characterized the president as “impetuous” and “adversarial” and questioned his ability to lead the country. The author describes “a quiet resistance in the administration” that has gone as far as hiding documents from the president to preserve “the health of our republic”. 

Trump responds forcefully

President Trump called the op-ed “gutless”, suggested the letter may have been faked by the Times, and said the Times must “turn over” the author to the government. In the press, a conversation has ensued about whether the author of the op-ed is a hero or a villain.


National Review: What’s Motivating the Times’ Anonymous Op-Ed Writer Inside the White House?

CNN: Operation Contain the President

The hero side believes the mystery insider is doing good within the White House and argue that constraining Trump's impulses and lies is patriotic. Interestingly, some articles from traditionally conservative outlets also agree the insider is doing good; these outlets argue that the administration’s greatest successes are judicial appointments and other actions that have little to do with the president’s impulses.


NY Daily News: Democrats aren't buying anonymous Trump official's claim of an internal 'resistance': 'You’re complicit'

Breitbart: Glenn Greenwald: White House ‘Coward’ Behind Anonymous Op-ed Part of ‘Unelected Cabal’

The villain side believes the mystery insider is working against the interests of America and damaging Democracy. This side argues that the author of the op-ed was not elected and is pushing a rogue agenda that Americans did not choose. Some articles from traditionally liberal outlets view the author as a villain for a different reason: if you’re part of the Trump administration, 'you’re complicit' in what Trump does.

One in a million?

This story is unique because outlets from the left and right can't agree within their own side whether this person is doing good or bad for the country. It’s a little strange but refreshing to find a story that puts the National Review and CNN on the same side - since they are usually at odds. 

Mystery author in the White House right now



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