Report Says Climate Change is Getting Worse 🐟

Mats Andersson / AFP / Getty Images

Mats Andersson / AFP / Getty Images

The UN's alarming new report

On Monday, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a new report detailing considerably more severe consequences of climate change than previously anticipated. The report states that these consequences include food shortages, wildfires, and mass extinction of coral reefs. They could occur as soon as 2040 – a time period within a majority of the population’s lifetime.

Key takeaways

Here are five key takeaways from the report:

  1. The consequences are dire, but there is hope

  2. half a degree (Celsius) makes a world of difference – specifically when holding the Earth's temperature increase by 1.5° C instead of 2° C

  3. It’s not option A, B, or C to reduce carbon content – it’s all of the above

  4. Existing technologies can be used to achieve the goal

  5. Success requires everyone – lifestyle choices can have a significant impact


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Outlets supportive of the report claim that even if the Paris agreement’s unattainable goal of limiting the temperature rise to 1.5° C is achieved, there will still be severe consequences. Limiting the rise to 1.5° C is extremely difficult and would require a carbon-neutral world by 2050. Furthermore, they emphasize that limiting the increase to 1.5° C will require an annual $2.4 trillion investment into energy until 2055.


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Outlets skeptical of the report cite a tweet by a University of Colorado professor that claims the report found little to no evidence that global warming has an impact on the increase in extreme weather events. In addition, they cite an investigation by an Australian professor, John McClean that claims the principal dataset used by the report is “sloppy”. They also call out other news outlets for not pointing out the same.

It’s not about politics - it’s about you and me

Climate change has always been a hotly contested topic in the political spectrum. It's clear that there have been changes in the earth’s climate patterns. It's more difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Some estimate that the potential damage incurred by climate change could be as much as $54 trillion. If the predictions are accurate, many of us could witness the impacts of climate change in our lifetime.

At least we'll get more extreme weather bloopers?



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