Two Mass Shootings Within 24 Hours 😥

Karla Ann Cote / NurPhoto / Getty Images

Karla Ann Cote / NurPhoto / Getty Images

Shooters used high-capacity assault rifles

Two mass shootings occured over the weekend - one in El Paso, TX and the other in Dayton, OH. According to authorities, the attackers used AK-47-style assault rifles and carried extra magazines with them. The most recent Dayton incident resulted in nine deaths.

A recent string of mass shootings

The Gun Violence Archive lists the Dayton attack as the 251st mass shooting in 2019. The incident was preceded by three other national shootings earlier in the week. The most devastating of these was the El Paso, Texas shooting, claiming the lives of 20 individuals.


Fox News: Dayton, Ohio, shooting that left 9 dead, 27 hurt halted ‘in under a minute’ by cops who shot suspect

The Wall Street Journal: Ohio Shooting Leaves Nine Dead

The right focuses on the speed and execution of authorities in neutralizing the shooters - specifically the Ohio shooter. Meanwhile, the right does not dismiss the very real danger that racial violence may have prompted the mass shootings. The right further highlights perhaps the only positive outcome: the fact that the city of Dayton has come together to provide help and support to the recent victims and their families.


CNN: Shooter’s sister among 9 dead in Dayton, Ohio; 27 others injured

Los Angeles Times: Two days, two mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio - just another weekend in America

The left suggests the increasing frequency of shootings in the U.S. is starting to make them feel commonplace. Liberal leaning outlets are looking to policymakers for reparation and the elimination of such domestic terrorism. Some specifically report on President Trump’s statement regarding the need for certain gun limitations, comparing Trump’s action to that of previous U.S. presidents.

Where's the common ground?

While it may seem that the mass shootings of the past week will only bring desolation and a renewed cause to begin arguing over gun control, there is something that both parties can agree on. They agree that these shootings never should have happened. Finding a solution is what can't be agreed upon...

How do we find this solution?



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