Tucker Carlson’s Advertisers Are Not Happy 😠

Rich Polk / Getty Images for Politicon

Rich Polk / Getty Images for Politicon

Dirty immigration?

Last week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson covered immigration on his show and said that low-skilled immigration makes the US "poorer, dirtier, and more divided." This led to backlash and resulted in 16 advertisers pulling their ads from this show. 

Who dipped?

IHOP, Minted, and Pacific Life are a few of the advertisers who issued statements condemning Carlson’s comments. Carlson doubled down on Monday by saying that immigrants hurt the environment by leaving trash along the border.


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The left focuses on calling Carlson ‘racist’ and implies that he thinks immigrants are ‘dirty.’ This side highlights the number of advertisers that are dropping his show to argue that these types of comments will not be tolerated.


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The right emphasizes this controversy as an example of liberal hypocrisy. They call attention to how Judd Apatow, an outspoken liberal, has used similar language without being reprimanded in the same way. This side believes left-wing advocacy groups are violating Carlson’s free speech rights.

Is this hurting Fox News?

No. Fox has defended Carlson, noting that "no revenue has been lost," since the advertising slots are simply being moved from Carlson's show to others'. Several advertisers have issued statements of continued support.

Is Tucker Carlson the new Bill O'Reilly?



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