Trump’s Potential Privacy Breach 🔐

Evan Vucci / AP

Evan Vucci / AP

Push back on subpoenas

On Monday, President Trump, three of his children, and his private business filed a federal lawsuit against Capital One and Deutsche Bank to prevent them from responding to Congressional subpoenas requesting Trump family financial records. Trump and his family have stated that the investigators’ quest for his records has “no legitimate or lawful purpose.”

Dem’s suspicion

The House issued these subpoenas due to the banks’ long-term involvement in the President’s real estate company and the family’s other financial ventures. Specifically, the investigators are suspicious of the President’s business connections to Russian and Eastern European money launderers.


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The right focuses on the lengths to which House Democrats will go in order to access Trump’s records. They highlight the ways in which these subpoenas intrude into the President’s personal life. They refer to the House and Democratic party’s attempts to reveal any flaw in the President’s business dealings as futile and misleading.


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The left frames the President’s lawsuit as a desperate attempt to bar the House from revealing suspected lawbreaking such as the money laundering they believe is taking place. They are also quick to assume that the President knows his lawsuit will lose, but wants to delay the Congressional investigation’s findings as long as he can.

Where’s the common ground?

Despite having divergent views on whether the President’s lawsuit was created to protect his privacy or cover up fraud, both right and left acknowledge the blurred line between Trump’s private citizenhood and his Presidential status. Thus both stress the importance of considering  what privacies President Trump has the right to maintain, despite his position in office.

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