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Alex Wong / Getty Images

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Tweets for the Times

Yesterday morning, President Trump started his day with a series of tweets directed at New York Times writer Paul Krugman who criticized Republicans for standing with Trump after the release of the Mueller report. Trump also criticized CNN and MSNBC, while praising Fox News.

An apology

Referring to an apology he says he received from the Times after the 2016 election, Trump asks if the Times should apologize to him again, “they will have to get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness.” He ends the tweet by declaring that the Times is “truly the Enemy of the People!”


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The right commend Trump for his criticism of the media. They focus on the Mueller report to show the President and his administration are “innocent” in regards to Russian involvement in the 2016 election and often paint Krugman as embarrassed and defensive in light of the report’s release.


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The left often ridicules Trump’s tweets as ridiculous, unpredictable, and even laughable. They frequently bring up the reaction of MSNBC’s host Joe Scarborough to his Trump-given nickname, “Psycho Joe,” which the host incorporated into a lighthearted joke while on air. Though many sources mention the Mueller report as being an unresolved issue, the majority of sources focus chiefly on making Trump himself look foolish.

Where's the common ground?

Whatever may be the reaction  to Trump’s series of early morning tweets, the diversity of both side's content still underscores the importance of free speech in the media, something both right and left value dearly and find integral to our nation’s values.

Trump to the Times



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