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Yuri Gripas / Reuters

Yuri Gripas / Reuters

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This past weekend, President Trump delivered a speech  that lasted over 2 hours at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) - making it the longest in his presidency and the longest for any president at CPAC. In his first opportunity to speak in public since the talks with North Korea, he addressed a wide variety of issues from the Green New Deal to the Mueller investigation.

What is CPAC?

CPAC is the largest annual political conference for conservative activists. It was founded after the defeat of Barry Goldwater in 1964 to promote conservative ideas and candidates.


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The left portrays this year’s CPAC as a full on embrace of Trumpism. They recalled a time where conservatives used CPAC to “promote their most exciting ideas”. This side views this past week’s CPAC as a political "circus" that has abandoned discussions around core GOP issues like rising national debt and the deficit.


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The right views Trump’s speech as a victory lap in front of a favorable crowd. They focus on the speech’s main talking points that highlighted the Trump administration's accomplishments (e.g. appointing nearly 145 federal judges). The articles detail how Trump repeatedly went off script to rip into the Mueller investigation and the Democrats' proposed Green New Deal.

Is campaign Trump back?

President Trump reverted back to an off script style at CPAC to bounce back and regain control of the news cycle after a week that included the Michael Cohen hearings and the collapse of the U.S.-North Korea summit. With the Senate vote on his immigration emergency declaration on the horizon, it is hard to say if he can keep control over the narrative.

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