Trump's Day of Prayer ⛪

Sarah Silbiger / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Sarah Silbiger / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Surprise visit

On Sunday, President Trump made an unscheduled visit to the McLean Bible Church. According to White House deputy press secretary, Trump was there to "pray for the victims and community of Virginia Beach."

Pray for Trump Day

Some claim that the president’s church visit occurring on with Franklin Graham’s “Pray for Donald Trump Day” Sunday was no coincidence. Graham, an ardent evangelical supporter of Trump, called for a special day of prayer to shield Trump from his enemies.


NY Post: Trump pays respect to Virginia shooting victims during church service

Washington Examiner: Trump stops by evangelical church to pray for victims of Virginia Beach massacre

The right emphasizes that Trump visited McLean Bible Church to honor the victims of the Virginia Beach mass shooting. They highlight that the visit was unscheduled and that the president received applause from the crowd despite not making any remarks. Furthermore, the right remarks on his wardrobe and new hairstyle.


Slate: Pastor David Platt prayed for Trump while trying super hard not to sound like a Trump supporter

Politico: Pastor tells congregation why he prayed for Trump

The left emphasizes that the church Trump visited is 17 minutes away from his golf club, where he spent the morning. Furthermore, they also mention Platt’s letter, in which he acknowledges that some within the church were hurt by his decision to pray for the president. He justifies his decision to pray by stating that he did his best to glorify God in an unexpected situation. The left also points out that Platt has a history of being nonpartisan.

Where's the common ground?

The only common ground between the sides is regarding the facts of the visit. The left focuses on Platt’s apology, which the right does not mention.

St. Trump

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