Trump’s Crackdown on Immigration 👀

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Alex Wong / Getty Images

First thing’s first

On Monday, the day before his first Presidential reelection rally, Trump announced on Twitter that he would begin deporting â€śmillions” of undocumented immigrants in the US starting next week. An official from the Department of Homeland Security specified that the administration plans to focus on removing immigrants who have crossed the border but have been skipping their court hearings.

Why tighten the border?

Enlisting help from Mexico, the administration argues that the deportations will increase space in detention centers. It also believes that stricter immigration law will deter potential immigrants on the southern border from entering the country.


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The right emphasizes that the majority of these “illegal aliens” are criminals and repeat offenders. Sources often advocate that in deporting many of these people, the US is not only safer for “American” citizens, but also for immigrant communities. These outlets also fault Democrats for prioritizing the protection of immigrants over citizens' safety.


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The left argues that Trump’s intended acceleration of deportation targets the most powerless segment of society. Articles also stress that immigrants at the southern border will not be deterred by stricter legislation, as these individuals are likely fleeing from situations that are far more dire.

Where’s the common ground?

Immigration has been a longstanding, polarizing issue. While the right and the left differ staunchly in their perspectives on addressing undocumented immigration, both parties can agree that its current state in the nation is a problem that needs to be addressed.

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