Mission Accomplished? Trump Wants Troops Out of Syria 👋🏼

Spc. Zoe Garbarino / Army

Spc. Zoe Garbarino / Army

Surprise move

On Wednesday, CNN reported that President Trump had ordered a “full” and “rapid” withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The decision came as a surprise since it marked a departure from the administration’s stated policy to maintain a presence in the region.

Twitter wars 2K8 continued

President Trump announced a US victory over “ISIS in Syria” via Twitter on Wednesday despite criticism from top officials who say extremists are still active in the region. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) also took to Twitter, calling the move “a huge Obama-like mistake.”


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The left sees this move as further evidence of chaos in the Trump administration and highlights the seemingly impulsive nature of the president. They contend that pulling out of Syria will benefit extremists as well as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Iran, and Russia. Some outlets have suggested that the withdrawal may be an attempt to “divert attention from [the president’s] mounting legal troubles” at home.


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The right was divided by this news as Republican leaders like Senator Lindsey Graham slammed Trump for pursuing an Obama-like strategy in the Middle East. Others, like Fox News, doubled down on the president’s decision and praised him for rectifying the governmental overreach that occurred when Obama deployed troops in Syria without approval from Congress.

So what's next?

As TIME pointed out, no one’s really sure. U.S. military commanders are drawing up plans to execute the withdrawal. One major area of concern has been the effect this move will have on the vulnerable Kurdish population in Syria, which will now face hostility from Syrian and Turkish military forces alone. Separately, the White House also announced that it would be withdrawing thousands of troops from Afghanistan.

US been trying to quit the Middle East for a decade now



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