Trump Wants To Live-Tweet Democratic Debates🐤

Evan Vucci / AP / REX Shutterstock

Evan Vucci / AP / REX Shutterstock

Tweet, tweet

According to multiple outlets, President Trump may live-tweet the Democrat debates, which are taking place June 26-27. Though his advisers allegedly do not want him to go forward with it, Trump may proceed anyway.

A Trump tactic?

Some believe Trump should proceed full force, given his frequent social media activity doubles as a political strategy that had influenced his rise during the 2016 Presidential Election. At the same time, his aides do not agree. So, who’s right?


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Those who believe Trump should stick to his guns reference some of his specific tweets and claim that the tweeting actually plays to his favor; they argue that his real-time response allows for greater visibility of his own platform. These outlets also view Trump's insertion into the debates as an effective way to make his presence tangible.


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Those who believe the advisers are right not only emphasize his advisers’ hesitancy, but also believe that Trump's tweeting may not play out well from a tactical standpoint. In particular, these outlets point out that some of his past tweets have been perceived as incoherent and inconsistent.

Where's the common ground?

Though the sources disagree on potential impact of Trump’s live tweets, both acknowledge that the play will bring him attention. So far, Trump has benefited from attention on the whole; after all, he is President. It’s hard to say whether live-tweeting will backfire.

Trump's aides right now:



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