BUILD THE Slats? 🤦

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

New wall design

On Tuesday, President Trump announced architectural updates for his planned wall. Trump announced that the wall will now comprise of steel slats instead of concrete. One picture released of the proposed wall looks similar to the decidedly ineffective fence erected under the Bush administration.

No shutdown and no wall

Trump initially threatened to shutdown the government if the border wall was not funded. He and the GOP eventually caved. The Senate voted Wednesday to stay open and push the wall vote until February.


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Those that believe the wall is lost cite the numbers to prove it lacks support. According to some polls, only 35% of Americans support it. Further, only about 50% of House Republicans support it, leaving it with not enough votes to pass. Finally, they note that the administration has not erected even one mile of wall.


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Those who believe the wall still has support point to the public support it has, notably a GoFundMe campaign based out of Texas that raised almost a million dollars. They also point to the fact that the wall differs from other walls throughout history that received criticism. For example, one author cites the Berlin wall as a stark contrast to Trump’s project in that it attempted to keep communism, not people, at bay.

Will Trump get his wall?

Nothing will happen until February and right now it seems like Trump will not have the votes to erect any wall, let alone his original idea. Though the GoFundMe shows some considerable public support for the project, nearly one million dollars raised is a far cry from the estimated five billion dollars Trump needs to build the wall.

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