Trump Is Mad at CNN...Surprise 🎊



A rough and rowdy press conference

Yesterday, President Trump held an official press conference for over an hour that included a few spicy back-and-forths. When CNN's Jim Acosta challenged Trump's claim that the refugee caravan is an 'invasion', Trump said, “you are a rude, terrible person”. The tense exchange is a must watch [video]. It ultimately led to the White House suspending Jim Acosta's press pass.

CNN stands with Jim

CNN released a statement defending their reporter and condemning the president’s treatment of the press: "This President's ongoing attacks on the press have gone too far. They are not only dangerous, they are disturbingly un-American."


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The left view this press conference as proof that Trump has not been deflated by the Democrat takeover of the House. Articles argue that Trump is framing the midterms as a victory for Republicans and highlight 'unhinged' moments. Some articles also point out that Trump dismissed questions from two female reporters of color, suggesting he may not respect people of all races.


The Federalist: Jim Acosta Physically Prevents Female WH Staffer From Giving Microphone To Another Reporter At Presser

Breitbart: ‘CNN Should Be Ashamed’: Jim Acosta Hogs Mic at Trump Midterm Presser

The right views this press conference as further proof that the media - and CNN in particular - treat the president unfairly. Articles stress the “uncivil” and “rude” ways in which Acosta and other journalists were speaking to the president. Some articles also suggest that Acosta’s behavior was abusive, writing that Acosta “physically prevented” a female WH aide from taking a microphone from him.

Trump's media strategy

We’ve known for a while now that Trump loves to use the media as a foil - and expresses himself colorfully when he does. The strategy works for him: 91% of Trump's supporters trust him to provide them with accurate information. It’s no surprise, really, that Trump picked a fight with the media yesterday - and didn’t engage in a conversation with the press about the implications of the Democrats’ win in the House.

If Trump could replace CNN, he would



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