Trump’s UN Speech Gets LOLs 🤣

John Moore / Getty Images

John Moore / Getty Images

The audience cracks up

While addressing the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, President Trump reiterated his “America First” policies. He also drew laughter from the audience when he stated, “In two years, we have accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.” [WATCH]

Trump at the UN

Last year, in his first address to the UNGA, Trump threatened to “totally destroy North Korea." For this year’s summit, however, Trump is on much better termswith North Korea, and has instead focused his attacks on Iran and forces of “globalism.”


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The left view Trump's remarks as boastful, false, and ironic, considering the president’s past comments that the “whole world is laughing at us,” thanks to Obama’s policies. This side considers the audience’s laughter to be a sign of appropriate skepticism, and calls the speech “patriotic word salad,” reminiscent of those he usually delivers to supporters at home.


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The right praise Trump for his focus on sovereignty and patriotism and offer support for his comments by citing the economic growth overseen by his administration. Meanwhile, these articles downplay the amount of laughter that actually occurred, rebuke mainstream media for fixating on the moment, and frame the attention the laughter has been receiving as indicative of left-wing bias.

No laughing matter?

The key point of Trump’s speech was to advocate for individual sovereignty. Trump represents one side of a growing international rift between unilateralism and international cooperation. Tellingly, the theme for this year’s summit is "Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities" — the first two days of speeches have already seen global leaders pitting their ideologies against each other in a battle for relevance.

When diplomats don't see eye to eye



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