Trump to Host Social Media Conference 📲

Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg / Getty Images

The digital age

Today, President Trump will host various online personalities in a summit at the White House. According to the administration, the summit aims to focus on “opportunities and challenges of today’s online environment.” 

So what?

Controversy surrounds the summit because of its guest list. While the administration hasn't revealed who's coming, several pro-Trump supporters and conservative commentators have taken to social media to announce their invitations to the event. However, Pres. Trump has excluded the likes of Facebook, Google, and Twitter. What’s wrong with that?


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Those who believe nothing’s wrong do not focus on the summit itself, but rather denounce tech companies for allegedly discriminating against conservatives. To this point, they point out that these companies’ exclusion sheds light on the bias and encourages them to amend it. 


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Those who believe that a lot is wrong with the summit emphasize that invited personalities have been accused of spreading libel and trickery. These sources also highlight that the summit isn't aptly named if it excludes big social media companies. 

Where's the common ground?

Both sources believe large tech companies’ exclusion from the summit is noteworthy, though they disagree on why the exclusion is important. Given the omission of these major players and intentional inclusion of conservative voices, the summit will surely elicit lively debate.

But we all know the real purpose of social media



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