Trump Threatens Iran...Again 🤯

Nima Najafzadeh / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Nima Najafzadeh / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Escalating tensions

Over the past weeks and months, the Trump administration has been ratcheting up pressure on Iran. They have classified an Iranian military unit as a terrorist organization, increased economic pressure, and performed a number of shows of military force in response to Iran’s increase in production of highly enriched uranium. If they enrich enough uranium, Iran could potentially build nuclear weapons.

What about the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Trump pulled the US out of the Iran Nuclear Deal brokered by President Obama in 2015, stating that the agreement wasn’t tough enough on Iran. He has invited Iranian leaders to renegotiate; they have repeatedly declined his offers. 


Fox News: Trump's Iran warning 'the right thing' as US 'tightens the screws' on Tehran, Graham says

Washington Examiner: Trump threatens ‘official end to Iran’ as he vows he’ll never let Tehran acquire nuclear weapons

The right is focusing primarily on demonstrating the astute nature of Trump’s somewhat pre-emptive moves. They put a great deal of emphasis on the nuclear aspect of the Iranian threat, as well as quoting people such as Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who support the president’s actions and statements.


The Hill: Tensions swirl around Iran as administration to brief Congress

Bloomberg: Trump Says No Sign of Iranian Attack But Issues Another Threat

The left is choosing to highlight the domestic nature of this conflict, demonstrating the conflict that Trump’s threats are creating within the United States. They are also noting that Trump has issued many threats to Iran and cited vague and non-specific Iranian threats as his reasons for issuing them, possibly in an attempt to show the president’s inconsistencies.

Where’s the common ground?

Both the left and the right are reporting on similar events, and focusing on both international and domestic implications of Trump’s remarks. The spin of each side’s coverage is different, but the reporting of the conflict itself is similar.




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