Trump Threatens China With Tariffs 💰

Thomas Peter / Reuters

Thomas Peter / Reuters

Trump says he’ll put tariffs on China if President Xi doesn’t meet with him 

Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to meet with Trump in Japan at the Group of Twenty, but China is refusing to confirm Xi’s attendance. As a result, Trump said in a CNBC phone interview that if Xi doesn’t show up, he’ll put substantial tariffs on China.

What else did Trump say in the interview?

Trump’s appearance on CNBC has been a point of contention, with both left and right covering the myriad things he said. First and foremost of those topics are the tariffs on China, but Trump also spoke about Mexico, as well as his personal opinion of President Xi. He also briefly spoke on the net worth of the US—which has risen in the years since the Great Recession—and took credit for the gain.


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The right applauds Trump for sticking up for the US against China. They see Trump’s tariff threat as well-deserved on China’s part and a prime way for the US to get money from China instead of the other way around. The right is optimistic about Trump’s ability to win a trade war and believe that while the US is vital to China’s economy, China is less important to the US’s. Articles emphasize the G20 summit in Japan and speculate about how Xi will respond to Trump’s threat should he not agree to the meeting.


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The left thinks Trump’s tariff plan is ill-advised. They focus on his wording and method of presenting himself, claiming that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. CNN has taken this so far as to publish a listicle of “dubious lines” in the interview rather than reporting the issue more routinely. Less attention is paid to the G20 summit, and more to the idea of the tariff on a broader scale. Trump himself is the focus more than the trade war.

Where's the common ground?

Both the left and the right compare the current threat of tariffs on China with the tariffs on Mexico Trump announced only a few days ago. That said, the two sides take the comparison in drastically different ways. The two diverge so much that they seem to be reporting on completely different events.




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