Jeff Sessions on the Loose! 🤪

Evan Vucci / AP Photo

Evan Vucci / AP Photo

Trump slams Sessions

In an interview on Fox and Friends yesterday morning, President Trump expressed his frustration with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump has long lamented Sessions’ recusal on all matters related to 2016 election interference - but his rhetoric yesterday was more extreme. He said: Sessions “never took control of the Justice Department”... “what kind of man is this?”


Sessions hits back

In a rare public statement, AG Sessions asserted that he “took control of the Justice Department the day [he] was sworn in.” He added: “While I am attorney general, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.”

The right focuses on complaints Trump has against Sessions, namely recusing himself and choosing not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Some articles call these actions “misapplications of justice”. The right also points out that Sen. Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Graham (R-SC) have both suggested that Jeff Sessions will be removed from office after the midterms, so, the right argues, Sessions’ statement won’t matter much.

The left supports Sessions, arguing that it’s right for him to assert the independence of the DOJ. However, articles view this spat as the beginning of the end for Sessions as AG - and the beginning of a fight over the fate of the Mueller investigation. The left believes Trump may try to remove Sessions and appoint someone new to the role who may be willing to end the Mueller investigation.

Trump has bashed Sessions before - what's new?

What’s new here is the talk of Trump installing a new AG after the midterms - maybe one that would shut down Mueller's Russia investigation. However, GOP Senators are warning Trump that finding a replacement will be easier said than done. The GOP only has a one-vote majority in the Senate and if even one Republican is upset about Sessions' removal, it could cause new problems for Trump to dodge.



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