Fewer Refugees Allowed in the US 🛃

Raad Adayleh / The Associated Press

Raad Adayleh / The Associated Press

Lowering the cap

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the Trump administration will cap the number of refugees that resettle in the US to 30,000. That would be the lowest cap in the 19-year history of the refugee resettlement program. The highest cap was 110k, during President Obama’s last year in office.

Do they want to come here?

Pompeo said the lower cap will free up resources required to work through the huge backlog of asylum cases the federal government is facing. A State Department spokesperson added, “refugees...are people who by and large do not want to come to the U.S.,” and said the U.S. will help place refugees “closer to their homes.”


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The left sees the lower refugee cap as an outrageous rejection of American ideals. Articles point out that far fewer than 30k refugees will be admitted anyway in 2019, since a thorough vetting process disqualifies many. Articles also point out that, since the refugee program began in 1980, no American has been killed in a terrorist attack committed by a refugee - and that a majority of Americans support taking in refugees.


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The right believes the reduction is in the country’s best interest. Articles highlight the changing makeup of refugees admitted under the Trump administration. The share of Christian refugees admitted has jumped from under 50% to 71% and the share of Muslim refugees has fallen from 50% to 15%. Articles also suggest that the US has admitted far too many refugees historically - with 1.5 million refugees since 2000.

Should we be admitting fewer refugees?

President Trump ran a campaign that included xenophobic rhetoric and promises to halt the influx of immigrants into the US. So, one could argue, he’s just fulfilling campaign promises. You may believe we’d be better off accepting “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” - but that’s not what President Trump promised his supporters.



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