Trump Pardons Former Telegraph Owner Conrad Black 💬

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Former media mogul pardoned

President Trump pardoned Conrad Black, former owner of the Telegraph and Spectator, this week. Black was sentenced to 42 months in prison in 2010 following convictions of wire fraud and obstruction of justice, although he was released in 2012. 

Why was Black pardoned?

According to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Black was pardoned because of his “tremendous contributions to business, and to political and historical thought.” Sanders acknowledged that figures such as former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and talk show host Rush Limbaugh had backed the media mogul.


Telegraph: Conrad Black, former owner of The Daily Telegraph convicted in 2007 of fraud, pardoned by Donald Trump

Sky News: Conrad Black: Donald Trump pardons former media mogul who was convicted of fraud

The right tends to focus on the details surrounding Black’s pardon. These articles will often provide multiple sources who endorse Black’s pardon. Unlike left-leaning articles, many conservative ones will include the mogul’s perspective. In reporting Black and his supporters’ point of view, these articles cover less of the mogul’s arrest and more of his accomplishments.


The Guardian: Trump pardons fraudster Conrad Black after glowing biography

Washington Post: Trump pardons billionaire friend who wrote a book about him

The left highlights Black’s personal history as well as his ties to Trump. Some left-leaning news outlets will reveal that Black wrote articles in support of Trump, such as one titled “Trump Is the Ggood Guy.” Other articles will fixate on the media mogul’s fraudery- how he paid himself a “tax-free bonus” from newspaper sales without the permission of Hollinger International’s board.

Where's the common ground?

Although the left and right are clashing on how to report this event, both sides agree that Trump’s decision to pardon Black is significant. They both report that the media baron’s arrest has tarnished his reputation, which will be hard to salvage.

Can you spell S-P-I-C-Y?



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