Trump Meets Queen Elizabeth II, Criticizes London Mayor 👑

Ian Vogler / Getty / WPA Pool

Ian Vogler / Getty / WPA Pool

Trump abroad: state visits continue in London

Before arriving in London, Trump tweeted criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The online incident did not affect Trump’s reception at Buckingham Palace. The royal family invited the Trumps to a private dinner before throwing a large banquet that night. Protesters in London are flying the Trump balloon again, but Trump claims not to have seen any protests.

How will Trump's visit affect US-UK relations?

Despite conflict with Khan, Trump’s visit is proceeding relatively quietly. A goal of this visit is to highlight UK-US military alliance, symbolized as Trump reviewed the guard of honor with Prince Philip. During the visit, Trump will also meet with outgoing British PM Theresa May. American relations with Britain remain in good shape despite protests in London surrounding Trump’s visit.


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The right criticizes the left for being so quick to criticize Trump. They call attention to Khan’s part in the recent controversy and what he did to provoke Trump’s online retaliation. The right reports less on the proceedings of Trump’s visit and focuses more on the left’s response.


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The left focuses on the possibility of scandal, especially in light of protesters’  Trump balloon. Articles note that, with Theresa May stepping down and the race to find a new PM underway, Trump’s political comments are ill-timed. Meghan Markle’s absence from the visit is mentioned as possibly being connected to the recent controversy between her and Trump; however, the royal family claims her absence is due to maternity leave.

Where's the common ground?

Due to previous episodes between Trump and UK protesters, tensions are running high during this London trip – the left portrays Trump as childish while the right portrays him as falsely accused. Outlets from the respective sides portray the events in different lights, but both agree that the royal family is welcoming to the Trumps and that US-UK relations remain intact.

Sources want to know: was this a fist bump?



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