Media Frenzy Around Impeachment 🤪

Win McNamee / Getty Images

Win McNamee / Getty Images

Manafort & Cohen's impact on Trump

Trump associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen have had a rough week in their respective investigations. Manafort has been found guilty on 8 counts by a jury, while Cohen agreed to plead guilty. The real question everyone wants to know is what this means for President Trump. As expected, talks about impeachment were tossed around by the left, while the right took the opportunity to downplay the impact this will have on Trump. 


Can a sitting president be indicted (aka accused of a crime)?

In 1974, the issue was debated in the Supreme Court with regards to Nixon but never came to a resolution. A 2000 memo from the Office of Legal Counselargued that a current president cannot be indicted as it would undermine the executive branch. The Constitution doesn't provide an answer, but it does provide a means for Congress to impeach a president, after which he or she can be indicted. 

The right focuses on the fact that Cohen’s guilty plea was related to campaign finance law - not alleged collusion with Russia. As a result, Mueller will struggle to construct an obstruction of justice case against the president. Furthermore, they contend there is no violation of campaign finance laws anyway since Trump used his own money for legal activity.

The left emphasizes that Cohen testified that he committed a crime at the discretion of the president. They also point out that since a sitting president cannot be indicted for a crime, impeachment might a possible outcome. The Democrats, according to left folk, are silent for now, but that could change following the outcome of the midterm elections. Furthermore, they highlight that Cohen’s testimony implicates Trump for collusion.

How will this impact Trump?

This doesn't look good for Trump. However, the left is exaggerating how much this could impact the president. Cohen’s guilty plea has nothing to do with the Russia-Trump collusion investigation. Cohen has agreed to co-operate with the special investigation – whether this yields any actionable information remains to be seen. If Dems take over the House in November, we could see impeachment proceedings. If they don't take over, this could all blow over. 

Trump walking away like nothing happened



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