Trump Visits NC After Hurricane Florence 🌧️



Florence winds down

Yesterday, President Trump visited North Carolina to assess the damage of Hurricane Florence. The storm has mostly dissipated, but the effects are still there for millions of Americans in the south. Hundreds of thousands are still without power and flooding is preventing many from getting back home.

Trump gaffe

The storm had a historic amount of rainfall with over twenty inches of rain in many areas. The day before his visit, Trump seemed to misspeak when he said, “This is a tough hurricane, one of the wettest we’ve ever seen, from the standpoint of water.” 


Esquire: Water, the American President Explained, Is Wet

Huffington Post: Donald Trump Makes A Stunning Observation About The Wetness Of Water

The left jumps on the gaffe, putting it front-and-center in their article titles. They take this opportunity to be sarcastic and make fun of the president. In the articles, they question whether he is “winging” it, and include tweets of jokes or other times he seemingly went of script, including highlighting his long pauses during a 9/11 address. 


Daily Caller: Trump Visits Residents And Troops In States Ravaged by Hurricane Florence

Fox News: Trump will survey Florence damage during North Carolina visit Wednesday

The right does not focus on the statement in their article titles. They only mention it within the bodies of their articles without providing a comment on the seemingly obvious statement. The right mostly focuses on the timeline of Trump's visit to North Carolina, the first responders he thanked, and the effects of the storm.  

Was this a serious gaffe?

Obviously not. However, the left had a golden opportunity to pounce on the president and they did. Many long for a more scripted president, but here he was conveying a factual and important idea about Hurricane Florence. He messed up the wording, but harping on it feels petty. What matters is his sentiment and the visit to North Carolina.

Remember when this was an argument on the interwebs...



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