Trump Goes In On Baltimore 🐀

Al Drago / NYT / Redux

Al Drago / NYT / Redux

Cummings vs. Trump

House Rep. Elijah Cummings represents the predominantly African American half of Baltimore city and serves as the Chair of the Oversight and Reform Committee, which is the primary investigative arm of the House. In this role, Cumming’s has had a lead role in investigating Trump, including presiding overthe first public testimony by Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Cummings has also spearheaded the investigations into the White House security clearance process and the Trump Hotel in Washington and its implications concerning the Constitutional emoluments clause, among many others.


On Saturday morning, President Trump posted a series of tweets that slammed Cummings for his criticisms of the Trump administration's treatment of migrants at the southern border. He claimed that Cummings' congressional district was one of the "worst run and most dangerous anywhere in the United States" that is “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”


Daily Caller: Media Plays The Racist Card After Trump’s Tweets On Baltimore, President’s Supporters Push Back

Breitbart: Resident of Baltimore Agrees with Trump: Cummings ‘Hasn’t Done Anything for Us’

Outlets on the right skirt the issue of the language Trump used in his tweets to instead focus on how Democrats are referring to many comments against them as “racist.” They quote some residents that agreed with Trump’s assessment of the city in criticizing their Representative Cummings. 


CNN: Baltimore stands up for its city after Trump tweets 'no human being would want to live there'

Baltimore Sun: Trump’s Twitter attack on Cummings and Baltimore: undiluted racism and hate

Outlets on the left don’t hold back in calling Trump a racist who “spews hate” in his Twitter “tirade.” They use the social media responses of Baltimore residents to assert that the entire city stands united against Trump’s remarks, including the Mayor of Baltimore. 

Where's the common ground?

No major news outlets on either side have overtly agreed with the language that Trump chose to use in his tweets, but unfortunately the common ground ends there. The left labels his comments as racist and many on the right believe that Trump is telling the truth about Baltimore. 

No rat can top a NYC rat tho



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