Trump Campaign Ad Pulled 📺

Carolyn Kaster / AP Photo

Carolyn Kaster / AP Photo

Comparing refugees to killers

Several major news outlets, including NBC and Fox News, have pulled a controversial political ad [video] from their network. The ad, paid for by President Trump’s campaign, compares members of the refugee caravan approaching the US to an illegal immigrant convicted of killing two police officers.

Was it racist?

Many have labelled the ad as blatantly racist and misleading. Others, such as Trump’s 2020 campaign manager and Trump himself have defended the ad. NBC received criticism for airing the ad during Sunday Night Football, which brought it 21 million viewers.


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The left calls out NBC for pulling the ad after having aired it during Sunday Night Football, insinuating a financial motive. Furthermore, they criticize Fox News by calling out their hosts for fear mongering and spreading misinformation regarding the migrant caravan. The left contends that outlets need to be more cautious to ensure they don’t help spread Trump’s hate.


Breitbart: Facebook Caves to Left-Wing Journalists Demanding Removal of Trump Midterm Ad

Washington Examiner: Trump Jr., CNN spar over airing of 'racist' ad from Trump campaign

The right calls out Facebook for giving in to left wing journalists. They highlight that Facebook did not specify how the ad violated their policies. Furthermore, they contend that the Daily Beast and CNN pressured Facebook to censor the ad.

A political pawn?

The refugee caravan has been a widely covered topic lately – despite being weeks away from the US border. Many have criticized the president for using the caravan as a political sound bite ahead of the midterm elections. Furthermore, Luis Bracamontes, the illegal immigrant criminal highlighted in the recent ad snuck into the US during Bush Jr.’s. presidency even though the ad claims Democrats let him in. He was detained and later released by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Trump favorite.

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