Trump And Dems Try To Build Bridges 🚧

Andrew Harnik / AP

Andrew Harnik / AP

“Infrastructure week” revisited

President Trump has declared it “infrastructure week” (again) to address the building and repair of America’s bridges and roads. Americans focused on domestic policy remain hopeful for an infrastructure deal as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) met yesterday to discuss the issue.

Bipartisan agreement?

Democrats and Republicans have different ideas for the new infrastructure deal. The Democrats want a budget of at least $1 trillion over the next ten years, whereas Trump had initially called for $2 trillion in 2017 but is now focusing more on getting $200 billion in federal funds, which he believes will attract $1.5 trillion from investors through public-private partnerships.


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The right is using more aggressive language and attempting to mobilize those in its readership who believe the Democrats are devoting too much attention to the environment. Framing these talks as a battle between infrastructure (a seemingly bipartisan issue) and climate change will strike a chord with readers who believe the Democrats are forsaking the betterment of everyday Americans’ lives in the name of climate change.


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The left 
is focusing on the Democrats’ forward-looking plan for new infrastructure that includes the consideration of impending climate change. They highlight the Dems’ request for funding for renewable energy sources. They also report on the Democratic objection to Trump’s proposed 25-cent gas tax unless the previous tax cuts on the wealthy that Trump imposed are reversed. In sum, they are focusing on the policy itself.

Where’s the common ground?

Both left and right-leaning media are focusing on climate change as an important aspect of Pelosi and Schumer’s infrastructure plans and demands; the difference is in how this aspect is interpreted. The left-leaning media is less critical of this choice, while the right-leaning media seems to be using it as a tool to stir up anger among its readers.



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