Not One, Not Two, But Three 🙅🙅🙅

Robert Deutsch / USA TODAY

Robert Deutsch / USA TODAY

Kavanaugh and his accusers

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been hit with a third sexual assault accusation. The first, Christine Blasey Ford, claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted and physically halted her attempted cries for help. The second, Deborah Ramirez, claims that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a Yale party in the 80s. Today the third accuser, Julie Swetnick, states she witnessed Kavanaugh lining up outside of a room to gang rape a student in high school.

Deets and doubts

Blasey Ford took a polygraph test with the FBI regarding her statement on Kavanaugh. Ford’s results did not test “positive for deception.” Ramirez’s statements received varying reception, with at least one Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s casting doubt on the incident. Swetnick’s statement also has its share of doubt. Swetnick’s lawyer, Michael Avenetti (also lawyer for Trump-accuser Stormy Daniels), took center stage today with graphic allegations, hitting back against the Trump’s


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Those that believe Avenatti’s got something on Kavanaugh reference the lawyer’s confidence in approaching legal authorities with his client’s case and the evidence he claims to possess. For evidence, the articles reference an alleged accomplice (conservative writer Mark Judge), two statements made by other accusers, and even explicit high school yearbook entries by Kavanaugh.


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Those that believe Avenatti’s got nothing on Kavanaugh attempt to defame Swetnick’s and Avenatti’s characters. For example, the articles above cite the fact that Swetnick has received a restraining order from an ex-boyfriend and has not paid certain taxes. This side attempts to bring the focus away from the details of the actual case, and some reports even say Avenatti wants it that way.

Can Avenatti make an effective case?

Much detail has yet to surface in all three instances and there exist more questions than answers. However, recent sexual assault accusations of public figures have proved consequential. More accusers coming forward will help Avenatti's case. For now, Kavanaugh defenders will deflect by pointing out a lack of evidence, degrading Avenatti, and linking him to a political motive.   

Avenatti with his hater blockers



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