Theresa May’s Resignation Sparks Tory Leadership Race 🇬🇧

Leon Neal / Getty Images

Leon Neal / Getty Images

UK Prime Minister resigns

The UK PM and leader of the Conservative Tory Party announced her resignation last Friday. Theresa May will formally leave her position on June 7, attributing her resignation to her inability to “deliver Brexit” in a speech made at 10 Downing Street.

What follows?

The PM’s announcement opened up a Tory leadership race, with several known names entering the fray. Contenders include former Environment Secretary Michael Gove, former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Sajid Javid.


Telegraph: Brexit latest news: Donald Trump comes close to endorsing Boris Johnson as his pick to succeed Theresa May

Fox News: Theresa May's departure marks the launch of leadership election; Boris Johnson the early favorite to become next PM

The right focuses on Johnson as a frontrunner in the race. Conservative news outlets will reveal that the former Foreign Secretary is both first in the polls and backed by eminent conservatives such as American President Donald Trump. However, some right-leaning articles report that many senior conservative “elites” are vying to oust Johnson.


The Guardian: The winner of this Tory leadership race will be the spirit of Thatcherism

BBC: Tory leadership contest: Iain Duncan Smith warns of 'chaos'

The left focuses on how many hopefuls are Brexiteers and what this means for Britain in the near future. Liberal news sources stress that nearly a dozen Tories have announced their bids, reminding readers that Eurosceptic candidates will most likely win. Opinion articles explain how this leadership race might rapidly shift the Tory Party further right, threatening the UK’s economy.

Where's the common ground?

Although the left focuses on the potentially negative effects of the Tory race, both sides agree that Johnson is the front-runner. Liberal and conservative news outlets report that the right wing of the party is gaining popularity, for better or worse.

Anyone else remember this Boris Johnson moment?



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