The Virginia Beach Tragedy ✋

Eric Baradat / AFP / Getty Images

Eric Baradat / AFP / Getty Images

The shooting

Last Friday, twelve people were killed during a mass shooting in the Virginia Beach Municipal Center. The gunman, killed in the midst of a shoot-out with law enforcement, was a former employee of the building.

Northam speaks out

In a speech Monday morning, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam called on state officials to ban assault weapons and suppressors, and for a general increase in firearm regulation. In a press conference the following morning Gov. Northam stated: “I will be asking for votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers.”


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The right emphasizes the lack of remembrance for the Virginia Beach victims in the media, arguing that it is too early to call for legislative changes to combat gun violence. They also argue that gun control laws won’t stop a committed gunman, but rather prohibit civilians from protecting themselves.


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The left refutes the notion that mourning victims and introducing legislation around gun use can’t be done simultaneously. They also focus on the severity of gun violence in the nation, contrasting the innumerable incidents at home to the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand that lead the country to take legal action.

Where’s the common ground?

While right and left disagree on what steps the country should take in order to prevent more mass shootings from happening, both sides can agree enthusiastically that avoiding more of these tragedies is of vital importance.

Kids gun control



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