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Win McNamee / Getty

Win McNamee / Getty

Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford address Congress

Yesterday, Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford answered questions from Senators about Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault of Dr. Ford. In an intensely emotional session, Ford gave detailed descriptions of the assault [WATCH]. Judge Kavanaugh was strident in his denial and denounced the hearing as a partisan “frenzy” aimed at destroying his nomination [WATCH].

Mixed reactions to the hearings

Some Republicans seemed unmoved by the hearing. The committee is planning to push for a confirmation vote this Friday. However, Republican Senator Jeff Flake (AZ) admitted, “there is doubt.” President Trump was pleased with his nominee’s testimony, calling it “powerful, honest, and riveting”.


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The left sees yesterday’s hearing as proof that Kavanaugh is not fit to be on the Supreme Court. Articles characterize Kavanaugh’s testimony as “unhinged” - one reporter said he was “alternating between weeping and yelling” - suggesting that he does not have the temperament to be on the high court. At one point, Kavanaugh said that he opposes an FBI investigation into Ford’s charges. The left wonders: If he’s innocent, why is he against the investigation?


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The right sees yesterday’s hearings as pure partisan politics - a dishonest push by the Democrats to leave a vacant seat on the court until after the midterms. Articles from the right say Kavanaugh was right when he called the hearing a “disgrace.” Dr. Ford has no evidence to support her accusations and no one to corroborate her story, the right says. Some articles say it’s clear Dr. Ford "believes the assault happened” - but believe that Judge Kavanaugh is innocent and ought to be confirmed.

Will Kavanaugh be confirmed?

It's looking likely. Here, a cultural movement, #MeToo, collides with a political movement (that controls the Senate). The prediction markets (people who bet on political outcomes) say there’s a 70-75% chance that Kavanaugh will be confirmed - but, it’s really up to the Republican swing voters to decide: Collins, Murkowski, and Flake. And we may know as soon as Friday... 

Democrats are still hopeful



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