Tech Company Bias Allegations Deepen 💻

Evan Vucci / AP

Evan Vucci / AP

Growing criticism

Since President Trump took office he has repeatedly voiced critiques about the alleged bias of America’s tech companies. Trump alleges that tech companies are silencing the voice of Republicans and conservatives. We first wrote about this story in August.

New federal investigations

Bloomberg first reported that the White House is considering drafting an executive order that would open probes into companies like Google and Facebook. Their goal is to investigate whether they have violated any antitrust laws.


Time: White House Drafts Antitrust Order to Investigate Google and Facebook's Business Practices

Bloomberg: White House Considers Draft Order to Look Into Google, Facebook

Outlets supporting the investigation focus on Trump quotes alleging tech company bias. These outlets assert that “growing movements on the right and the left argue that companies including Google and Facebook engage in anticompetitive behavior.” Specifically, they believe these companies have implicitly agreed to follow an "order" that goes against certain viewpoints - in this case, conservative ones.


Tech Crunch: White House says a draft executive order reviewing social media companies is not “official”

Washington Post: White House distances itself from reports that Trump could target Facebook, Google and Twitter with a new executive order

Outlets against the investigation emphasize that the executive order is not official policy, yet. Some articles take issue with regulating social media based on bias, stating that it’s the wrong approach. They conclude by stating that there is no official policy in place and that, in their opinion, it will never become policy.

Americans a certain extent

A recent Pew Research Center survey that found that 72% of Americans, and 85% of Republicans, think it’s 'likely' that social media companies intentionally censor political viewpoints that those companies find objectionable. If an executive order is signed, it would represent a significant escalation of Trump’s fight against the perceived left-leaning bias in Silicon Valley.

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