Supreme Court Rules on Death Penalty Case 🏛

Alex Brandon / AP / REX / Shutterstock

Alex Brandon / AP / REX / Shutterstock

Death Row ruling

On Monday, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that an inmate, slated for death row, cannot receive an alternate method of execution on the basis of his rare medical condition. 

Bucklew vs. Precythe

Russell Bucklew appealed to the courts on the basis that his medical condition could cause the lethal injection to inflict "cruel and unusual punishment" upon him. Bucklew’s medical condition, cavernous hemangioma, could cause a tumor in his throat to rupture as a result of the lethal injection.


Daily Caller: The Supreme Court got pretty feisty in this death penalty ruling

Washington Examiner: Supreme Court rules against Missouri death row inmate with rare medical condition

The right presents the facts behind the ruling, followed by their perspective regarding the majority opinion. They do not characterize the ruling itself, nor do they present an opinion regarding its impact in the context of the Eighth Amendment. The right does characterize the atmosphere during the hearing as "feisty."


Think Progress: Gorsuch just handed down the most bloodthirsty and cruel death penalty opinion of the modern era

Slate: The Supreme Court’s conservatives just legalized torture

The left 
takes aim at the court’s conservative justices by labeling the ruling "legalizing torture," "bloodthirsty and cruel." They specifically focus on Neil Gorsuch, a justice nominated by President Trump, who wrote the majority opinion. The left also claims that Gorsuch’s majority opinion undermines decades of precedence regarding Eighth Amendment law.

Where's the common ground?

The death penalty has long been a polarizing topic for American politics. As such, there is not much common ground between outlets on each side. However, outlets from both sides did take time to present summaries of the both the majority and minority opinions.

It's that time of year again

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