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Supreme Court / Fred Schilling / Reuters

Supreme Court / Fred Schilling / Reuters

Full court press

Saturday morning, the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as the newest Supreme Court Justice. Kavanaugh was sworn in at a private ceremony an hour after the vote by Chief Justice Roberts. President Trump tweeted his approval for the vote that confirmed his “GREAT NOMINEE”.

What happened to the FBI investigation?

The FBI conducted an investigation into alleged sexual assault claims against Kavanaugh. They presented their report to the Senate last Thursday. After reviewing the report, many Senators concluded that there was no new incriminating evidence presented. Out of the four undecided Senators, only Lisa Murkowski ended up voting against Kavanaugh.


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The left sees the confirmation as proof that conservative Senators did not believe the allegations against Kavanaugh were credible. They highlight how Senators “believe Ford was assaulted by someone just not Kavanaugh” and how these same Senators have “gone out of their way to apologize to Kavanaugh”. The articles regret that this vote “destroyed the legitimacy of the Supreme Court” when the court decides on cases regarding issues that disproportionately impact women.


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The right applauds the result as a win for Trump and the Senate. They agree with Senator McConnell’s assessment that the Senators stood up for the “presumption of innocence” by refusing to reject a nominee based on allegations that “nobody can corroborate”. The right also happily points out that the efforts of the Democrats against Brett Kavanaugh have “energized the Republican voters more than any issue up to this point.”

October surprise

Politicians on both sides are using what happened during the nomination process to energize their voters. Republicans may be doing a better job, though. A recent NPR poll shows that while Democratic enthusiasm for the midterm elections is high, Republican enthusiasm is catching up fast. However, don't be surprised if another 'October surprise' event occurs that could alter the midterms.

When you hate surprises



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