“Straight Pride Parade” Causes Conflict in Court 🏛

Joseph Prezioso / AFP / Getty Images

Joseph Prezioso / AFP / Getty Images

Controversial from the start

Last weekend, the first “Straight Pride Parade,” organized by Super Happy Fun America, was held in Boston. About 200 people marched in the parade, but the event attracted thousands of counter-protesters, including members of Antifa, a far-left group.

Controversial to the end

At the event, 4 police officers were injured and 36 counter-protesters were arrested on charges ranging from disorderly conduct to assault and battery on a police officer. On Tuesday, Boston Municipal Court judges refused to ease bail or dismiss minor charges for those arrested, and in so doing, clashed with defense attorneys and prosecutors. 


Fox News: AOC, Pressley vow to help pay bail for counterprotesters arrested at 'Straight Pride' parade

Boston Herald: Judges right to come down hard on violent mob

Right-leaning sources focus on how the the counter-protest had turned violent, despite the marchers being outnumbered, describing the counter-protesters as wreaking havoc. These sources view the charges received by protesters as justice. They also mention how liberals have been attacking the event and labeling it as an LGBT hate march. Some quote Anifa members on how they believe violence is the only way to deal with “Straight Pride” marchers. 


Boston Globe: In a Boston courtroom, the scene is bizarre — and worrying — as judge battles against attorneys

NBC News: Charges won't be dropped for 'Straight Pride Parade' counterprotesters

Left-leaning sources tend to cover the frustration and anger of prosecutors, bringing up accusations against the judges of punishing the protesters for exercising their 1st Amendment rights. Many also quote how Judge Horgan told the protesters to “stay out of Boston” or risk a 90-day jail sentence. Some also speak of the police’s support of the charges and how the city is investigating complaints that police used excessive force during the event

Where's the common ground?

There is little common ground between the two sides on this event. The nature of the parade, the position of the counterprotesters, and the validity of the judges’ ruling are all sources of conflict. 




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