State of the [United?] Union 🤝

Doug Mills / Pool / Getty Images

Doug Mills / Pool / Getty Images

State of the Union 2019

Last night, President Trump came down to the US Capitol to give his annual State of Union address to members of Congress. The speech almost didn't happen after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pulled Trump's formal invitation to come address Congress if the government shutdown didn't end.

What did he talk about?

The main theme of Trump's speech was a call for unity across political divides. This comes at a time when Trump is battling Democrats to get funding for the southern border wall. The government is poised for another shutdown in 10 days if they can't come to an agreement.


Vox: Trump demands in State of the Union that Democrats not investigate him

The Inquirer: Trump draws groans when State of the Union turns from ‘unity’ to ‘caravans’

The left calls out Trump for again trying to shut down the Russia investigation. Most outlets on this side also take the approach of fact-checking each of his statements. As you could likely guess, the outlets fact-checking say that most of his statements are false, misleading or need more context. 


Fox News: State of the Union: Trump decries ‘ridiculous’ investigations, ‘revenge’ politics in unity appeal

Washington Examiner (opinion): Trump's State of the Union nailed the border wall and immigration in just 4 sentences

The right applauds Trump for what they view as a strong speech. They highlight his attacks on the ongoing Russia investigations and emphasize his calls for unity. They also note that he made strong points about the outstanding immigration issue.

Rating the speech

Trump's speech was relatively subdued when compared to a typical speech he'd give to his base. He received some groans when he switched from talking about unity to the "caravans" at the southern border. But overall, the speech was written pretty well and appealed (at times) to both sides of the political spectrum.

Also, people were chanting U-S-A like they were at the Olympics



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