State of the Un-win 🗣

Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

SOTU reactions

As we previously reported, Donald Trump gave the State of the Union (SOTU) on Tuesday night. The lengthy address received more viewers this year than last year, and contained everything from honored guests to a rendition of "happy birthday."   

Women in white

Some Democrat women, including Speaker Pelosi attended the address clad in all-white regalia. They did so in solidarity for women at large, and in particular for women workers. These women at times clapped after lines in Trump’s speech, and some suggest that their dress and reactions led to their “winning” the SOTU.


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Those who believe Trump "won" focus on the speech’s high approval rating (citing that 78% of viewers agreed with Trump’s words on immigration) as well as the fact that Democrats did not overwhelm the speech with negative reactions – some even greeted Trump’s words with warmth and clapping.


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Those who believe women "won"also focus on the reactions of the Democrats during the speech. These pieces point out that although the women in white clapped during the speech, they clapped mostly at moments relating to women’s successes and in spite of Trump. 

So, who "won" the SOTU?

Yes, the speech had high approval ratings, but many outlets quickly point out that a majority Republican audience watched. And yes, the women who wore white garnered a lot of attention, as they quite literally sandwiched Trump (with Speaker Pelosi behind him and with many in Congresswomen in front of him), and reacted strongly to various points in the speech. However, viewers probably colored their cheers and jeers with their reasons, as the women didn’t have a chance to explain in the moment. Our call? A draw. 

Three cheers for finally getting through this speech



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