Swalwell Becomes First Dem To Drop Out of Presidential Race 😬

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Swalwell confirmed, July 8, that he will pursue reelection to the House instead of the presidency

Over the weekend, rumors suggested that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) would drop out of the presidential race after polling at 0% among democratic primary and caucus voters. On Monday, Swalwell confirmed these rumors at a press conference in Dublin, CA. He will be pursuing his fifth term in the House instead. 

Will other democrat nominees follow his lead?

Some speculate that Swalwell stepping down will open the floodgates for other democratic candidates to leave the presidential race, but so far, no others have been announced. Regardless, the slimming down will likely come as the next round of democratic debates nears, as any candidates with fewer than 130,000 individual donors will be cut from the fall round. 


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The right point out that Swalwell has only gained news coverage for awkward slip-ups, such as his “pass the mic” comment regarding women in government. Articles call attention to former Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado, who is also low on public support, but is pushing ahead with his campaign anyway. Some news outlets suggest that more low-polling candidates will drop out now that Swalwell has started the trend, while others predict that the Democratic candidates' list will stay as-is. 


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The left acknowledge that Swalwell never gained much traction with any significant number of Democrats. Rather than the presidency, he will seek reelection to the House, where he believes he will be better able to impact change. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) reportedly praised Swalwell for the work he’s already done, and articles seem hopeful that he will be reelected to the House and leave the presidency to more likely candidates.

Where's the common ground?

Few thought Swalwell would become the next POTUS, and no one is surprised he’s throwing in the towel. Articles on the left talk more about his plans for reelection and what he could do there. On the right, articles broaden the focus to the rest of the Democratic candidates and speculate on who else will follow Swalwell’s lead. 

All of the low-polling Dems rn



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