Slavery Reparation Debate Resurfaced 💸

Chris Kleponis / AP

Chris Kleponis / AP

Making a statement

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said on Tuesday that he is against the idea of reparations for descendants of slaves brought to the U.S. as a part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, sparking debate among politicians. He argues that the United States has already taken measures to amend the wrongdoings of the past and that slavery was a period “for whom none of us currently living are responsible.”

On the ballot

Democratic presidential candidates such as Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Beto O’ Rourke (D-TX) are including slavery reparations as a cornerstone to their campaigns, with Warren going as far as saying that Native Americans should receive reparations of their own. More moderate candidates like Joe Biden (D-DE) are opting not to take a position on the matter.


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Anti-reparation publications stress the sheer complexity of an efficient and effective payout system. They point out that it's difficult to determine who is entitled to receive reparations and how it would be paid. Many publications also echo Mitch McConnell’s opinion.


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Pro-reparation publications are focusing on the social struggles that African-Americans faced even after slavery was abolished. They laud reparations that allow recipients to gain back the wealth they have been systematically prevented from achieving. In particular, they like the ideas of free college tuition, zero-interest loans, and tax breaks.

Where’s the common ground?

Both sides aim to create a fair and equitable society in which people of all races can move between economic classes. However, the idea of reparations becomes heavily debated with the notion of accountability, causing varying ideas as to what reparations should represent.  

But no matter what happens



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