Trump vs Tech: Bias in Silicon Valley? 💻

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Trump targets Google

Yesterday morning, President Trump accused Google of rigging search results to promote "left" media outlets while suppressing conservative ones. He also stated that he would "address" the situation. It is believed that Trump was inspired by a Fox Business News segment with Lou Dobbs. Dobbs highlighted an article by conservative website PJ Media, which concluded that 96% of Google search results for the word “Trump” were articles from “left-leaning sites.”

Conservative media and tech

Trump’s gaze has remained fixed on tech companies since Apple, Google and Facebook removed content from Alex Jones, a controversial far right supporter of Trump. Last week, Trump accused social media companies of “silencing millions of people,” and on Aug. 18, he said the industry was “totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices.


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Some on the left take a strongly opinionated stance with overt attacks on the President, such as “late August hasn’t slowed the movement of conspiracy theories into Trump's brain pan.” Other left-leaning articles attempted to strike a more moderate tone. However, they still used terms like “remarkable attack” and “blistering attack” when referring to Trump's comments.


Daily Caller: Google Responds to Trump’s Accusations of Conservative Censorship

Breitbart: Google Responds to Trump: ‘No Political Bias in Google Search’

The right focused on “Google’s response” whereas the left focused on “Trump’s attacks.” In focusing the narrative on Google rather than Trump, the right shifts the focus from an aggressive tweeting President to another defensive tech company. The right also maintained the offensive by aggressively quoting the PJ Media study and not providing much, if any, coverage of the counterpoints.

Are tech companies politically biased?

Even before Trump took office, tech companies were assumed to be left-leaning. Since he took office, multiple news stories have been published attesting to just how blue Silicon Valley is. This begs the question: how can Google’s search engine guarantee “no political bias” when it is created by a company with little perceived political diversity? Some believe that Google cannot create unbiased algorithms without an unbiased team. 

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