'Silent Sam' Torn Down at UNC 🕴️

Michael J. Kraft / Wikipedia Commons

Michael J. Kraft / Wikipedia Commons

Another Confederate statue comes down

On Monday, students from the University of North Carolina toppled a Confederate statue named 'Silent Sam' - rekindling the controversy over the treatment of Confederacy statues. The statue was not of a significant Confederate figure but was commissioned by the Daughters of the Confederacy in 1913 to honor the Confederacy. 


Are we erasing history?

This controversial event adds to the growing list of Confederate statues being torn down around the country. The core of the controversy revolves around what exactly these statues stand for: some say Southern pride, while others say they're old signs of racism and slavery. This act by students was after multiple requests for removal were denied by the university.

The right harshly criticizes the forcible removal and state that liberals are trying to remove parts of history that they do not care for. For these outlets, the monument symbolizes the dedication that certain individuals had for their country, and it is a disgrace that liberals are attempting to vandalize such historical achievements. 

The left highlights the troubling U.S. Civil War history to what these statues represent. Words that are often shown are ‘white supremacy,’ ‘slavery,’ and ‘nationalist.’ For this monument specifically, the articles note that during the initial 1913 unveiling ceremony, a speaker noted that he had “horsewhipped a Negro wench until her skirts hung in shreds.

Has anything changed?

This month marks the one-year anniversary since the violence in Charlottesville, VA, where protesters on both sides fought over the removal of similar Confederate monuments. Controversy over Confederate monuments still hasn't been resolved and as a result, activists have taken matters into their own hands. Overall, not much has changed on this topic since last year...expect more statues to fall. 

When a liberal spots a Confederate statue



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