Another Tragic Shooting 😔

Apu Gomes / AFP / Getty Images

Apu Gomes / AFP / Getty Images

13 dead including a heroic cop

13 people were killed Wednesday night (including the shooter) at a crowded country and western dance hall near Los Angeles. It was college night and most victims were in their teens and 20’s. A police officer, Sgt. Ron Helus, was also killed when he entered the building to confront the shooter.

Shooter had a troubled past

The gunman, Ian David Long, was a 28-year-old veteran who served in Afghanistan and reportedly suffered from PTSD. Long took his own life during the shooting. The gun he used in the shooting was purchased legally. After seeing multiple shootings in the last year, you can probably guess the predictable narrative on both sides of the aisle...


Vox: America’s easy access to guns is enabling all these mass shootings

Washington Post (opinion): The Thousand Oaks massacre is more evidence the U.S. needs effective gun control now

The left sees this tragedy as further proof that the U.S. needs stronger legal restrictions on gun ownership. Articles connect this shooting with other recent shootings - at the synagogue in Pittsburgh (<2 weeks ago), at the yoga studio in Tallahassee (1 week ago), and others - and argue that it’s the availability of guns that makes these shootings happen so frequently.


WSJ: In California Shooting, Sheriff’s Sergeant Made ‘Ultimate Sacrifice’ Trying to Stop Gunman

Conservative Review: Hero Sgt. Ron Helus called ‘a true cop’s cop,’ died bravely confronting Thousand Oaks shooter

The right sees this tragedy as further proof that law enforcement professionals are heroes who risk their lives everyday to protect the rest of us - and who ought to be respected by all. Articles from the right focus on Sgt. Ron Helus, who was killed by the shooter after bravely entering the bar and confronting Long. The right does not engage in a discussion about gun control.

Do we need better gun laws?

We’ve seen that tragedies like this do not sway the politics much on this issue. However, it’s worth knowing the facts on guns in the US. There are 1.2 guns per person in the US (highest in the world, 2x the next highest). 30 Americans per million are murdered with guns each year (6x higher than Canada). Considering there are loopholes that allow some guns to be purchased without a background check in the US, it seems reasonable to suggest that changing some laws could help prevent these tragedies - without taking away the 2nd amendment. 

When you see the left and right articles after ANY shooting



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