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Rich Polk / Getty Images for Politicon

Rich Polk / Getty Images for Politicon

Remarks resurface

In recent days, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been under media for multiple remarks he made between 2006 and 2011 on his shock jock radio segment: “The Bubba the Love Sponge Show.” Many news networks have picked up on the story, calling Carlson both sexist and racist.

Call for an apology

As a result of media outrage, Carlson has been pressured to apologize for these statements but has not done so. On Monday evening, Carlson addressed the issue, stating that the specific phrases many people are highlighting were taken out of context and “spoken in jest.”


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The left spotlights many of the specific remarks made by Carlson on his show, in some cases dedicating the majority of the article to citing these comments. Because of his refusal to apologize, many articles maintain he still holds these “racist” and “sexist” viewpoints. Sources are also quick to tie Carlson’s past words to Fox News and the Republican party more generally.


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The right is quick to point out the kind of audience and ideology Carlson’s radio show catered to. Articles often applaud Carlson and Fox News programing for standing up against the waves of media hate coming his way while acknowledging that some segments of the show were “naughty.” Right leaning articles frequently argue that Carlson’s freedom of speech is being attacked by liberal media outlets.

Making things political

Both the right and left can agree that Carlson’s words on his radio show were problematic. It is easy to expand Carlson’s commentary to implicate the Republican party as a whole, or associate the resulting media uproar with Liberal oversensitivity. However, criticism might best be limited to Carlson himself, the man whose opinions caused this upheaval.

Shocked Tucker



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